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7485 Mission Valley Road, Suite 104A,
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone (619) 291-8930
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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Peggy W

  • Great Physical Therapy Care at Cal Ortho PT Clinic

I finished three months of physical therapy at the end of March and meant to write a note right away and the time just got away from me. It has a habit of doing that! Regardless of a month having gone by, I'd still like to thank everyone for their great care and work, especially Eden, Shane, and all the young people who work so hard and who were so encouraging and helpful. The three months at California Orthopedic Physical Therapy made a huge difference in my life and I can't thank all of you enough! I feel like a new person and I'm very grateful for the hard work and dedication that is shown to all.

Doug M.

  • Great Physical Therapy After Surgery

To whom it may concern,

I just recently finished several weeks of PT at your center affiliated with California Orthopaedic and wanted to let you know I think they are doing a great job.

For most of my time I worked with Francesca and the support team. They were professional and knowledgeable in how they orchestrated the sessions and what they were recommending for me.

It was a great experience and I would highly recommend this location for anyone needing PT after surgery or accident. Thanks. Happy to be active and pain free again.


  • Physical Therapy at Cal Ortho with Francesca after Knee Surgery

Good morning, Joan. After knee surgery at the Institute, I spent eight weeks there undergoing physical therapy. I can't say enough about the professionalism and care that Francesca showed. She has a clear understanding of what it takes to rehabilitate someone and get them back as quickly as possible to normal activity. She was patient, effective and understanding. While I spent the most time with Francesca, I would also acknowledge her assistants who guided me through the exercises for every session. A million thanks to all of them. MK

Tom T.

  • Physical Therapy Experience at COI - Thank you!


I wanted to take a moment to send you an e-mail to let you know how happy I am with the care and treatment I received while in physical therapy at the clinic there.

In May I had a total replacement of my left knee, and in August I had total replacement of my right knee. I was in physical therapy there from May 24th - Dec 24th.

My experience was so good, and the care I received so professional, that I believe I owe much of my successful outcome to therapists like Francesca and Kristy, and also to Shane.

Everyone provided me with great care, a wonderfully positive attitude, and all showed a real passion for their work. I feel very fortunate that I was placed in their capable hands.

I also extend my thanks to all the support staff, both in the front office and the PT assistants who really made the time there pleasant.

You have a great crew in the physical therapy practice, and it shows. Please accept my sincere gratitude.

Best regards,

Ivonne T

  • Great Experience with Dr. Tontz & Kayleigh, DPT

Good morning Ms. Joan,

My name is Ivonne, and I am a patient of Dr. Tontz & Kayleigh. I see Kayleigh about twice a week now for over a month, and I must truly let you know that Kayleigh has been such an important instrument to my recovery. She's highly perceptive to my needs and very sharp on evaluating my condition. Literally each appointment is usually right on the money in diagnosing my disabilities & related pain due to my back injury.

I have verbalized this to the Doctor, and now find that you to should know this about your very heart warming & excellent caring employee.

I have a great admiration for her care, as well as the team that surrounds me with assistance. I highly brag & would recommend this team, especially Kayleigh, in a heart beat.

Thank you for pulling together such an awesome caring team & my special thanks to Kayleigh!

Have a great day!


E. Trujillo

  • PT for Knee Replacement

I recently had my knee replaced by Dr. Schultz and was referred to California Orthapedic for PT. I had the pleasure of working with Kayleigh Marsolini who really gave me a warm welcome and made me feel I was in the right hands. Her gentle and caring nature made me feel safe and secure. During my entire time working with her I found her to be very professional and knowledgeable on techniques & excersises that Best suited my recovery process. She has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her when I have my left knee replaced in about 6 months.

Sabrina Murray

  • PT Lower Back

I have been attending physical therapy with Kayleigh for a Workmen's Comp. case for lower back. Since day one I felt really comfortable with her. She was very warm welcoming and above all genuine. Believe me I can spot the difference I've worked all of my life in customer service so I have no problem letting someone know if their performance is under par. We found things in common so every visit we talk and laugh as if we were old friends and even though my injury was pretty severe I have seen some improvement. I still have a long road ahead but I feel extremely confident that she will do everything in her ability to provide the best and most efficient care that I need. She is definitely a great asset to your establishment.

Skip P

  • Excellent Physical Therapy at Cal Ortho Following Shoulder Surgery

Ms. McComb,

I have been receiving physical therapy treatments since April of last year until the first week of January of this year. (46 sessions)

I had surgery performed on my right shoulder by Dr. Adsit on last March. The The purpose of this email is to inform you about how elated I am with the treatment sessions I have been receiving, & the professionalism of therapist & staff.

I started with Kristine...tough but very caring about her patients. Next was Shane...very knowledgeable. Gets to know his patients interest & physical needs. A pleasure to work with. Eden (luv her) was such a joy to work with. Very pleasant, professional,and explains everything well.

She takes a personal interest in her patients & holds down interesting conversations (a plus, especially during moments of discomfort).

I would also like to mention the young people: Karen, Justina, & Ritchie. They really enjoy what they do & are always busy. Great personalities with a lot of potential, and professionalism. Francesca..good at all she does as well. I am about 98 percent of pre-op condition now, back at work and doing home therapy. I can't thank everyone ENOUGH for all their help,care, and professionalism .Plus, this facility feels more like family than therapy. I am back at work now with no restrictions. Big thanks as well to the Front Office staff... Patricia, Reyna, & Jennifer. You have a terrific & awesome group of people working under you. Thanks to everyone for all THEIR service!! Sincerely, Skip P.

Michelle santo tomas

  • Torn meniscus

Couldn't have been happier with Dr. trandonsky. Super fast, to the point, great surgeon and always on time. Really helped us understand the process and the front desk was very efficient and the nurses very friendly. Highly recommend

Fergal O

  • Plantar Fasciitis

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Quinn and his friendly, professional staff of excellence. I've been seeing Dr. Quinn for the past two months and I'm happy to have developed a great rapport with Dr. Quinn, his assistant, JACKIE, and the wonderful, warm staff up front at the front desk. This is not just an "institute." No. This feels like a TEAM of great, caring friends who want me to feel better. And I do! I cannot send a more praiseworthy note to the staff of California Orthopaedic Institute. I am very grateful to Dr. Quinn, Dr. Randy Mohler for my hand surgery (three years ago) and the entire fabulous staff at Cal. Ortho. Institute. I cannot recommend a better care center for the hand, foot, or any other appropriate appendage that needs love and care to heal fully. I recommend this haven of care above all others.

Michael B

  • Spine/lower back

Dr. Tontz is amazing. He made me feel like family. He listened to my concerns. He always explained everything in simple terms. I could tell he loves his profession. In the past, some doctors I have dealt with seemed only to fix you. They didn't seem to care about you as a person. With Dr. Tontz, you could feel his compassion for you. Two thumbs up for Dr. Tontz.


  • My Many Orthopaedic Visits

California Orthopaedic Institute is by far the best orthopaedic office in San Diego. My entire experience has been above what I ever expected. The office is very nice and clean and up to date. The entire office staff seemed very happy and to enjoy what they do. Which really makes me feel like I'm at a good place. Staff at a medical office says it all, in my opinion. Every person that I interacted with in the office was so kind and happy and normal . Often when you go into a doctor's office it's white walls and dry unfriendly staff, not here. This office is wonderful.. I recommend seeing any doctor here. From start to finish, the experience is the best. Thank you for making me feel important.



I'm not sure where to start with my wonderful experience today at California Orthopedic Institute. So I figured I would make this review my step by step process.

I received a call from the office letting me know that I have a referral to be seen at the office. Never ever have I had an office call to let me know they have a referral for me to come to the office, usually I'm having to call offices several times to see if I can be seen. I was scheduled in a timely manner as well as treated kindly and they allowed and answered all of my cares and concerns.

I arrived to my appt and was so thrilled to see such a beautiful , clean, modern and organized office. I was greeted with a smile and a friendly hello, as I was very nervous for my first appointment. The kind gal at the front desk helped ease my worries and assured me that I was in good hands, and I cannot agree more, keep reading ...:)

I was then called for my appointment on time by a very friendly and happy gal who introduced herself to me. I'm sure she could tell how nervous I was. It was such a reilef to have my nerves settled when I started speaking with her and she explained to me what may happend during my visit. As I was brought back to the patient rooms, I noticed very cute holiday decorations and it was so cute to see an office in the spirit. I walked back with her and seen other gals smiling and making me feel at ease. I was then taken into the exam room and was treated with such care, kindness and assurance. She explained everything to me. It really helped my nerves even more.

I waited maybe 6 mins if that for the DR to come in. He was very kind and friendly as well as professional and knew what he was doing. He reccomened I get recent xrays in which I was very thrilled to know they have xrays on sight. I waited maybe 4 mins and a sweet, happy & kind gal came and escorted me to get an xray. I was then explained everything very clearly and kind from the xray tech, I have had many xrays in my life and never has anyone been so patient with me. As well as taken so many shots of my problem areas..he took what the DR asked of him and then I was escorted back to the exam room by the same sweet gal.

The DR then came back in about 4 mins and explained to me what the plan to move forward will be. I agreed and bonus is, they have an MRI on sight. So I am able to get it done at the same place. Good ol insurance has to ok it and then I will be able to go to the same office. He also stated that he would like me to make an appointment to give me the results. I thought that was such good patient care, in the past at offices I will not mention, I have only gotten a quick phone call and no questions asked.

Now I just wait for my referral from my insurance company :)

Overall my experience was 100% plus incredible and I have seen plenty of doctors. I highly recommend everyone to the office. Esp if you are nervous or scared. You are in good hands.

**** I prefer to leave names out of who I seen at the office for my privacy.******

Susan H

  • Great Physical Therapy Experience!

My name is Susan H and I went through 2 knee surgeries over the past year and I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT job Eden, Kristy and Shane did for me. I am a very independent woman who will DO the work it takes to heal. I feel that all three of them helped me A LOT in my recovery.

I should have written to you sooner, but recently I had a shoulder injury and my Dr. sent me to a different PT group. After just one visit, I realized how WONDERFUL and professional your group is. The PT I saw (at the other group), stood at the desk and had a conversation for 9 minutes with the receptionist before calling me in.....he was already 5 minutes behind. Then when he saw me, he simply gave me a paper with exercises on it and told me to come back twice a week to work out and just let him know if I have any questions. I insisted that he watch me do the exercises and he was a bit upset with me. WHAT????? The next day, the exercise sheet was accidentally thrown away at my house, so I called early morning to ask him if he would get me another.....he said he would have it ready in 2 days.......... It was THEN that I called my Dr. and told him I need a referral to California Ortho Group where they truly care about my Health and WellBeing.

That certainly was NOT the way I was treated by your staff. They made SURE I was doing the exercises correctly, with the help of their aides. When I went on vacation Eden made sure I knew exactly what to do while I was gone. Kristy helped me to not be so fearful of moving through a bit of pain in the beginning. They were PRICELESS. I sincerely knew I was well taken care of and always told Dr. Adsit when I saw him, but NOW, I know better than ever what a GREAT staff you have. AND Patricia, your receptionist is ALWAYS great at working with my crazy schedule.

Thanks again to your staff for a job very well done.

Diana H

  • Professional & Excellent Patient Care at Cal Ortho PT/OT Clinic

Hello, I was a patient at California Orthopedic Institute in the Physical Therapy Department this year for 12 visits due to a broken elbow. I would like to commend my physical therapist, Jackie Tamayo, during these visits because of her professional and excellent patient care.

Jackie has a depth of knowledge in her field that she shares in such a kind manner that it encourages compliance. While some of the therapy was painful (stretching), Jackie knows how far to push the area, and she even knows when she could push the stretching--and me--a little further. This ability only comes from experience and an innate sense of the issue and of the each patient's tolerance.

She keeps me well-informed and takes immediate action to find solutions to any questions or issues I present. Additionally, she has good suggestions for exercises I can do at home to increase results. When I have difficulty with an exercise, she gives options that met the same criteria. She also makes sure I am scheduled properly for appointments.

Jackie supervises and conducts activities in her area with skill and tact. Although she handles many patients at once, she's aware of everything going on around her. Often she is working with one patient while a tech is helping another, yet her quick, acute observations allow her to make suggestions to the other tech or patient that improves the exercise/therapy.

She has excellent interpersonal skills. I see many patients from different walks of life enter the office. Jackie handles them all well. She treads the fine line between being professional while maintaining a friendly and personable appointment with each one. She handles late and early patients with equal poise, and she always maintains her composure.

Anyone can have technical knowledge that he/she passes on, but to have the other attributes Jackie possesses is rare. Jackie's multiple talents are a definite asset to your team, and she is an excellent representative of California Orthopedic Institute.

Best Regards,


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