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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Michael Gonzalez

  • Total Hip Right Replacement

I am a 34 year old personal trainer and former football player and boxer. Due to the high impact and combative style sports with extensive training. I developed severe pain in my right hip that progressively got worse over the course of a number of years. I finally decided to do the right thing for myself and go for total right hip replacement which was one of two recommendations by Dr. Schultz. From the first visit Dr. Schultz made me feel comfortable by explaining in depth my options, and what would be best for me. I went with total right hip replacement because of my severe osteoarthritis which led to pain and bone on bone rubbing on the right hip. It has been two months since the procedure and along with doctors orders and a great physical therapy staff, I no longer am living with pain and am back to the swing of being a personal trainer and resuming my active life style. Thank you to the whole staff for being informative and taking care of me every step along the way.


  • carpal tunnel surgery, left hand

I was having a lot of pain due to a carpal tunnel injury of my left hand and needed to have surgery quick as I was moving out of town. I did not want to wait to look for a surgeon after my move. Dr. Mohler's assistant asked Dr. Mohler if he would work on his day off to accommodate my schedule. He agreed and performed the surgery on his day off, so I could move as planned. I am very appreciative for Dr. Mohler's kindness and agreeing to perform surgery with very little notice. He sent me to see a neurologist the morning of my surgery to confirm his diagnosis and performed surgery that same afternoon! Great doctor! Great service!

Amy C

  • Ankle reconstruction

My 80 year old mother had a compound fracture of her ankle on Christmas Eve. We were so very lucky to have Dr. Tontz as her Dr. In the ER.He was professional, talented and kind. His gift at surgery has resulted in her ongoing health. Thank you so very much!!

Oscar R

  • My Wonderful Experience at California Orthopaedic Institute

Joan -my name is Oscar Romero, age 74, and I was referred to your Physical Therapy facility by Dr. William Tontz Jr. I have been diagnosed with a severe back injury, dating back to 1981. I have had many referrals for physical therapy over the years, and I am very pleased to report that your facility is the best that I have had the opportunity to participate in. Although I have permanent spinal damage, i.e. spinal stenosis, disc degeneration, herniated discs, severe drop foot, etc., I have, for the most part been able to live a active life WITHOUT surgery!

During the past 10 years I have had several painful setbacks and flare ups on my lower spine and have needed to see Dr. Tontz on many occasions. Dr. Tontz highly recommended your facility and I attended therapy about 3 years ago. At that time I was extremely pleased with all of your staff, your comfortable office, and especially Francesca, who spend a lot of time explaining my injury and what I needed to do in order to avoid surgery. Although I was denied approval for more therapy sessions by my workmans comp., I continued to do my recommended exercise and stretching recommended by Francesca.

Last month I again participated in physical therapy at Calif. Ortho, and Francesca was my principal therapist. Her professional expertise and personal care she provided was the best quality and comprehensive educational experience I have had. I am not requesting any further therapy at this time, since Francesca has seriously provided me with all the confidence I need to keep an active life style, with recommended stretches and exercise I need for a healthy back.

I want to thank you and all your staff, including from the Receptionist, Aides, and most importantly Francesca for her clinical expertise to help me achieve my healthy lower back goals and positive results. Oscar Romero


  • Experience at the Cal Ortho Institute Physical Therapy Clinic

Hello! I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the staff at California Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinic, especially to Francesca and two of my 8 week sessions with Shane as well. Really wonderful help, attitude and direction with my right shoulder strain, I would recommend this facility to everyone. Francesca is amazing! Thank you, Susanna

Bridget M

  • Total Left Knee Replacement

I put off having a Total Knee Replacement surgery for almost 10 years because I was scared that I might not have any relief just like when I had Arthroscopy in 2006 after which, I continued to have knee pain. I went through steroid injections & took Alleve, Advil & Glucosamine for pain and discomfort. Finally at 71 yrs. old, I made a decision to have my surgery and was referred to Dr. Adsit. I was scared , anxious and still not sure about going through with it. The first time I met Dr. Adsit , I knew and felt that I was in good hands. He listened to my concerns and made me feel so at ease and comfortable. His professionalism is a pride to the Medical profession. I would highly recommend him to anyone! I also want to acknowledge the staff and especially Dr. Adsit's assistant , Mary who has helped me so much going through this journey in my life. I am still recuperating since my surgery in Jan. 2017...I know that I will be "up and running" in due time. From the bottom of my heart , a million thanks!

Janice R.

  • total knee replacement both knees

I delayed knee replacement until I almost lost my mobility. I had heard from friends how painful it was and how long it took to recover. At age 78 I finally decided that it was necessary and was referred to Dr. Steven Tradonsky. My first replacement was so successful and I recovered in less than 2 months due to Dr. Tradonsky's expertise and calm, reassuring demeanor. It was such a positive experience that I immediately scheduled surgery for the other knee for 6 months later. Again the same positive result. Two months after surgery I was dancing in Havana. I highly recommend Dr. Tradonsky and I would add to not postpone out of fear.

Lenore P

  • Orthopaedic Care for Multiple Body Parts

I have been seeing Dr. Tradonsky for several years with various orthopaedic issues. His genuine interest, patience, & excellent patient care are really admirable. Jamie, his medical assistant is also very knowledgeable, efficient, & helpful. I am highly impressed with their overall care & would highly recommend them to anyone!

Cheryl S

  • C5-C7 Fusion

Dr. Tontz is kind and very professional with a wonderful sense of humor. I was sent to him on a Workmans Comp injury, so naturally I was a bit nervous. I've heard horror stories about Workmans Comp docs. Did my research and was so very happy I got him. He did a cervical fusion at the spine center at Paradise Valley Hospital. What a fantastic experience! The surgery center is resort like setting with accommodations for family members. The nursing staff is great! So attentive and smiling and genuinely appear to love their job. I'm not a big fan going to the doctor and especially having surgery but if you must, Dr. Tontz and the spine and joint Center for surgery at Paradise Valley Hospital is the only way I'll ever go!!!


  • L5-S1 Discectomy

In April this year I was diagnosed with a large bulging disc between L5-S1. I had been living with back low back pain for years. The bulge had finally become so large, it was pressing against my nerve causing extreme pain and numbness down my left leg. I had never experienced anything like this and was extremely concerned about my future health. From the onset, I found Dr. Tontz to be very engaged and easy to interact with. He is highly educated and communicates information and treatment options well. He is without a doubt the biggest patient advocate I have encountered. His walk before we run approach made me feel very comfortable with the intimidating process I was going through. My injury ultimately had to be remedied by surgery, but I appreciated the fact that he wasn't trying to sell me on surgery from the beginning. The surgery went amazing and I've been pain and numbness free since and working hard in physical therapy to get back on the job. The surgery center was top notch and the staff were friendly and completely compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Tontz to my family or friends in the future.

Sharon M. Anthony (Ticho)

  • PT for a broken R Humerus

Wanted to give a HUGE "shout out" to ALL the team members at Cal-Ortho Institute Medical Associates, Surgical and Physical Therapy offices for helping me put my badly broken R arm back together. Each office with it's staff members made me feel welcomed and comfortable at each visit. They always greeted me with a smile, never made me wait long and walked me to the door after each appointment to say "see you next time". The journey was long, but I never doubted that I would soon be back to a life filled with the activities I so love to do. Many thanks to Dr. L. Randall Mohler, Ceci, Julia, Jo Jo, Brandon, Kristy, Kelly, Shane, Eden, Francesca, Leslie, Natalie and the reception staff at all the offices. Your professionalism and kindness were always appreciated. Thanks again everybody.

Yours truly,

Sharon Anthony (Ticho)

Travis F.

  • Shoulder & Bicep Tendon Surgery

Hi Dr. Schultz,

I just wanted to thank you again for doing an amazing job on my shoulder and bicep tendon surgery back in Feb! I just competed this last weekend in the World Masters Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Las Vegas and won GOLD!!! There is no way I would have been able to become a world champion if it wasn't for your ability as a skilled surgeon! Thanks again for everything!!!

Guita H.

  • Kyphoplasty Surgery

My name is Guita H. and I wish to thank Dr. William Tontz Jr. for restoring my quality of life with his surgical skills and compassion. I have multiple spine fractures caused by severe osteoporosis. The first fracture on the thoracic spine occurred in 2012. The situation seemed stable until November of last year when I experienced a series of lumbar fractures.

Being referred to Dr. Tontz was the best thing that could have happened to me. In the first and subsequent consultations, he listened, reassured me, and communicated clearly with me and my family. The surgery was a success, and Dr. Tontz was thorough in his follow ups, as well as with his prescriptions. His staff at California Orthopaedic Institute are equally efficient and kind. At the end of last year, I did not think that I would be walking, swimming, and enjoying my family. Yet, here I am, only six months after Kyphoplasty surgery mobile, energetic, and optimistic.

David R.

  • Multiple Orthopaedic Procedures & Follow up Care

Dear Dr. Mohler and Ceci, Dr. Tontz and Sorayma:

When I kept coming in with elbow problems, then knee problems, and then started presenting for shoulder problems, neck problems and then back problems...I always said that (despite loving my job) I would stop being a UPS driver on the line...and that I intended to move onto another, less physically strenuous job. Well if I caused y'all any physical strains of your own from toting around my ever-growing elbow-knee-fractured thumb-shoulder-abdominal/inguinal strains-neck-back chart...I apologize.

Thank you for your patience and understanding care over this last decade or so. I imagine there were a few times y'all may have wanted to shake me hard and yell at me...but that might have dislodged some other ligament or bone and we had enough of that, didn't we? Anyway, I wanted you to know I finally got the message and am finally moving on from being a UPS driver to a much less physically strenuous admin-type position with Amazon in Seattle.

I don't exactly know how to say thank you for keeping me together (as best as you could, despite my inability to move on...) but I'm sure whatever tattoo I get to cover this spinal fusion scar will definitely be in tribute to you.

Thank you really, really helped me.

Dave Rudenberg

Phil Bergman M.D.

  • Surgery for bilateral trigger thumbs by Dr. Randall Mohler

I am a medical doctor and recognize and appreciate excellent medical care and surgery. I had bilateral Trigger Thumbs. From the first visit, Dr. Mohler was polite, professional and very good at communicating with me. My condition did not improve with conservative treatment so I elected to have surgery. The surgery was a total success and resolved the problems with my hands. And, prior to surgery, my condition was affecting my work and giving me almost daily pain. As a surgeon, Dr. Mohler was fantastic. In the OR he was quick and explained everything that was happening. Surgery didn't take too long and the post op period was easy without significant pain. I instantly had improvement of my symptoms. I am sure presently that I am well on my way to a total recovery. Also, all the staff were great and took excellent care of me. I highly recommend Dr. R. Mohler to any patient.

Dr. Phil B.

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