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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Lennie Pisula

  • Torn muscle

Dr. Kansara was an absolute Godsend. I couldn't give a higher review. It was wonderful to be getting a diagnosis from a fellow Body-Nazi. And did I mention that Dr. Kansara attended a prominent "Public Ivy" for both Undergrad......and Medical school? Five stars! And two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Lorena Hodgins

  • shoulder, arm, neck, wrist, & hand

Francesca and Claudia were very helpful in my work injury- post treatment. They both explained the treatment process and exercises very thoroughly. They were both very friendly too and gave me helpful hand outs of exercises to do at home.

Thank you to both

Mrs. Lorena Hodgins


  • Left knee replacement

Very pleased with my surgery done by Dr. Schultz.

Also very pleased with the physical therapists; Kristine, Shane, Laicee and the entire support staff. They took the time to work with me and help me go thru the recovery process. I am now able to walk fine and this is because of their great work. My quality of life has greatly improved as a result of their efforts. I highly recommend the Calif Orthopaedic team.

JoAnne L.

  • Fractured humerus

Dr. Kansara did an excellent job walking me through the healing process of my broken arm. He showed me the x-rays, gave me hope that the pain would eventually lessen, and provided clear explanations of what movements I should do and should not do. He was an outstanding listener and answerer of my questions.

John O

  • Knee replacement

I have had both knees replaced within this past year. Dr Schultz performed both surgeries with great success, I can now walk several miles without knee pain. Climbing and descending stairs was very painful before the knee replacement surgery, now stairs are not a problem!

I recommend California Orthopaedic Institute to anyone needing knee replacement surgery. The Doctor and staff are excellent and very professional.

Stephen L Sawyer

  • Hip replacement, Right

Scenario, I arrived at the hospital @ 7:30 am (California Orthopedic in Hillcrest), checked-in w/ 2 questions, date of birth and name, so I sat down. 45 seconds later, a nurse opened a door and request Mr. Sawyer, I was thrilled. She was so pleasant and positive; I knew I was in great hands.

I arrived at my designated bed thus they perform their duties, they were polite and positive. Thank you.

Next, a nurse of the Doctor informed me that he 15 minutes behind. Huh? That was not necessary but thank you. My conclusion, the nurses and staff have continual conversation w/ Dr. Mohler. Again, I am thrilled.

So, at 7:40 am, I am approached by another nurse, "Are you ready to go?". Lets go....................

I am at surgery at 10:15 12:30 pm, I am at the recovery facility.

So, a nurse runs to me(okay, walked up and asked if I wanted to stay the night (I asked the Dr. Mohler, get me out of this hospital) and he offered me options so the nurse was fully aware of this. I prefer home than a hospital. She was awesome.

So, conclusion, I arrived at the hospital @ 7:30 am, left the hospital @ 2:30 PM, the same day.

Doctor Mohler thank you.


  • Left and right total hip replacement

In 2020 I had a total replacement of my left hip and was told my right hip was on its way out as well. Dr Mohler was so confident and respectful of my situation and after my surgery I went into pt and in a short time I was feeling much better. It's now 2022 and I just had a total hip replacement on my right side. It's been just over one week and I'm walking mostly without a cane or any device! The pain from the surgery is tolerable and it's amazing how much better I feel now. Dr Mohler is in my opinion is a top notch Surgeon as well as a nice man!! His staff are pleasant and so good at what they do. Thanks Cecy and Dr. Mohler you guys are the best!

David Duke

  • Anterior Hip Replacement (right hip)

I had a total right hip replacement on 01/12/2022 by Dr. Randy Mohler. The staff was great, but I wanted to state the results. The day of surgery after I was discharged, I used a walker. There was no pain. I didn't need the narcotic pain medication, but used Tylenol and naproxen. I did laundry and the dishes. The day following surgery (Day2) and day 3, I had bruising and a little swelling, but no pain. Day 2, I used the walker and the cane 50% each although sometimes not using anything. Day3, I used the a walking cane 90 percent of the time. Ten percent of the time I used the walker or just nothing. Day 4, no pain and I walked two miles using the cane and drove my car with no problem (and this was the right hip replaced). Day 5, I had some swelling and walked just over a mile and iced the swelling. Day 6, I did not use any device to walk and walked a little over 2 miles. Day 7 same as day six. Day 8 I walked 5 miles with no pain the whole time. It is now day 9, and I feel great. I am retired but work part time and am ready to work now. I didn't need any help the whole time. I started sleeping on my right side on day 7, or more accurately night 7 and it felt fine. I have been shocked how easy this recovery has been even though I was optimistic. I plan to not take any more Tylenol and naproxen starting today. I plan to start using my elliptical machine and stationary bike today as my hip has been feeling stronger each day. I had the anterior hip replacement meaning they did the entry from the front although really half way between front and side, about where your pockets are on your pants. There is no pain at that area, and I have been shocked that I have had no trauma (if that's the right word) to that area. I don't even notice it, except for a little swelling on day 2 and 3. I feel so much better than prior to surgery and I don't limp like before surgery. I plan on getting my left hip replaced as soon as they can schedule it as that hip has the same problem as my right. My goal is to get back to playing tennis 3 weeks after my left hip replacement, and to eliminate my limp. The limp caused by my right hip is gone completely and it was bad. I still have a less noticeable limp due to my left hip which I hope to have replaced by February 2022.

Stephanie W

  • Bilateral Hip Replacement and Hand Surgery

I want to share my experiences having bilateral hip replacements performed by Dr. Mohler. Both surgeries went very well including my recovery. I found Dr. Mohler to be a very knowledgeable, attentive and caring physician. He has been able to spend the needed time at pre and post surgery visits in answering all my questions. I also have been very grateful with Dr. Mohler's medical assistant, Cecy M, who has consistently been courteous and helpful on the phone and at my visits with him.

Steve B.

  • Stenosis of the Cervical Spine

I was a victim of referred pain. My spine was damaged, but the pain was in in my shoulder, arm and wrist. It was constant! I could not sleep well, lean over or lift anything, and advil 600's were not helping. I was directed to the CalOrtho Physical Therapy group for treatment. I was seen by Kristy, and she patiently reviewed my case, made recommendations, and determined the best exercises. After following her instructions about head placement on my pillow, I experienced my first decent nights sleep in months. I highly recommend Kristy and CalOrtho!

Anne D

  • Physical Therapy for Tendonitis

Dear Dr. Quinn,

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing care I received at California Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Kayleigh and her team are the ultimate care staff: skilled, caring, professional and intuitive. From day one they listened carefully to everything I told them and provided me with a therapy plan that delivered results immediately. Thanks to them I am in no pain and have resumed my teaching schedule, keeping up with thirds graders all day. I am forever grateful!

Merritt B.

  • Hip and Knee Replacement

I am in extreme pain. I just made my initial appointment to be seen by Dr. Schultz. My referral was phoned to me this morning by my PCP. I phoned this office 2 hours later fully expecting to be told my referral had not arrived yet.

Rachel took my call. I told her my referral had been faxed. She looked and no she did not have it. Then I heard her tell me "Please hold on and let me check the computer." She came back on the line "I found it." I was shocked at her looking for the referral and finding it. When I complemented her she said "I try to treat my patients the way I would want to be treated." What?

Her attitude is so refreshing and sadly missing in the medical field today. Between my wife and I, over the last 8 years we have been referred to so many Doctors who have an appointment desk that cannot find referrals - even when they have one. Making patients wait is the norm.

My appreciation for the caring help Rachel provided is beyond my ability to express. She is priceless, most definitely not compensated enough, and a asset to this medical organization.

Dennis Philpot

  • Left hip replacement

Recently finished left hip replacement by Dr. Mohler on3/02/21, and had a right hip replacement in May 2013 from a different doctor in Palm Desert. My view is that Dr. Mohler is great on two counts. First, he listens and engages at exactly the right level for each patient before the operation. Second, the short term outcome (just nine days so far) of the anterior procedure with custom hip for me has been great (I can think of dental procedures I'd avoid compared to this one). It was an outpatient procedure; pain is minimal; exercise options with or without help is great; I'm driving and on my own in seven days after some outpatient help from family. The techs and all staff were great in all regards. djp

Natalie C.

  • Work Comp Consult

From the moment I started to make an appointment with Dr. Mohler to working with Altia , she got me in soon as she could and he was very personable, caring and didn't make me feel like I was believed about my injury. Front staff was very nice when checking in and I appreciated the sensitivity and care they took with Covid and temperature checking.

Thank you Dr.Mohler and staff

Anita S.

  • Great PT Experience

Dear Ms. Barton,

I would like to provide you with some feedback on the quality of care which I have been receiving from Kayleigh Marsolini following my recent shoulder surgery. In short, the care and service has been outstanding. Kayleigh's personal attention to detail and innate ability to encourage me to perform my daily tasks has been the reason why my success, strength, and range of motion have recovered so quickly.

Kayleigh's focus on my well being has been the main reason my progress has been so successful. Please pass on that she has done a great job and continues to provide outstanding care.

Many thanks.

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