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San Diego, CA 92108
Phone (619) 291-8930
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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Joan Mathison

  • torn meniscus surgery

The experience I had at California Orthopedic Institute couldn't have been better. The first orthopedic Dr. I was referred to did not inspire confidence so I asked for another referral and was sent to this clinic. My appt. was made with Dr. Cutuk, he explained my problem and showed me on the MRI and with knee model what had happened in my knee and immediately I felt at ease and trusted his diagnosis and treatment. I had surgery last week in the surgery center and the experience was caring and efficient. Dr. Cutuk put me at ease with his relaxed confidence and so far my post op as been almost pain free and hardly used the crutches. I look forward to the physical therapy and getting back to my active lifestyle. I would highly recommend Dr. Cutuk and this center to anyone who needs orthopedic treatment and/or surgery.

Craig M.

  • Surgery / Broken collarbone /Clavicle fracture

Wow what a great staff and doctor, all the way from the front desk check in to the xray technician! After a cycling accident on July 4th, I woke up in the hospital with a broken collarbone. Although an orthopaedic doctor checked in on me the next day, I had my primary care physician refer me to Dr. Schultz. I had seen Dr. Schultz a few years before and after a referral to PT, my shoulder was back to normal, so I knew he was an exceptional surgeon and doctor. My clavicle frature surgery was on July 25th and from the pre-op visits to the post op follow up visits, the entire experience has been positive and professional. My surgery was very successful and I am back to cycling and paddle boarding activities after 9 weeks post op. I was very anxious about having surgery and the staff and doctors made it a very calming experience. I highly recommend Dr. Schultz and the entire staff at California Orthopaedic Institute. Thank you Dr. Schultz for going above and beyond in answering all my questions and reassuring me through the entire process.

Kathy L. McK

  • Fractured right ankle

There are no words to accurately express my deep appreciation for Dr. Quinn and Jackie! They are a dynamic healing team for me. They are both caring and totally efficient. Dr. Quinn is not only an indescribable doctor. He is compassionate and understanding in every way. He never gave up on me even though my foot injury has been difficult for me, persisting over 2 yrs now. He looked reassuringly at me and gave me hope & patience for the future. Yesterday I experienced 3 hours of a normal painless right foot-this was huge for me; in fact magnificent!!!! In essence they are blessings from Jehovah God. Dr. Quinn & Jackie are the best on earth and they will have my unmatched heartfelt gratitude for the rest of my life!

John Hughes

  • Torn Meniscus

I was deeply impressed with the professionalism of this organization. Dr. Schultz was amazing as well as all of the staff I came into contact. I highly recommend them

Peggy W

  • Great Physical Therapy Care at Cal Ortho PT Clinic

I finished three months of physical therapy at the end of March and meant to write a note right away and the time just got away from me. It has a habit of doing that! Regardless of a month having gone by, I'd still like to thank everyone for their great care and work, especially Eden, Shane, and all the young people who work so hard and who were so encouraging and helpful. The three months at California Orthopedic Physical Therapy made a huge difference in my life and I can't thank all of you enough! I feel like a new person and I'm very grateful for the hard work and dedication that is shown to all.

Doug M.

  • Great Physical Therapy After Surgery

To whom it may concern,

I just recently finished several weeks of PT at your center affiliated with California Orthopaedic and wanted to let you know I think they are doing a great job.

For most of my time I worked with Francesca and the support team. They were professional and knowledgeable in how they orchestrated the sessions and what they were recommending for me.

It was a great experience and I would highly recommend this location for anyone needing PT after surgery or accident. Thanks. Happy to be active and pain free again.


  • Physical Therapy at Cal Ortho with Francesca after Knee Surgery

Good morning, Joan. After knee surgery at the Institute, I spent eight weeks there undergoing physical therapy. I can't say enough about the professionalism and care that Francesca showed. She has a clear understanding of what it takes to rehabilitate someone and get them back as quickly as possible to normal activity. She was patient, effective and understanding. While I spent the most time with Francesca, I would also acknowledge her assistants who guided me through the exercises for every session. A million thanks to all of them. MK

Tom T.

  • Physical Therapy Experience at COI - Thank you!


I wanted to take a moment to send you an e-mail to let you know how happy I am with the care and treatment I received while in physical therapy at the clinic there.

In May I had a total replacement of my left knee, and in August I had total replacement of my right knee. I was in physical therapy there from May 24th - Dec 24th.

My experience was so good, and the care I received so professional, that I believe I owe much of my successful outcome to therapists like Francesca and Kristy, and also to Shane.

Everyone provided me with great care, a wonderfully positive attitude, and all showed a real passion for their work. I feel very fortunate that I was placed in their capable hands.

I also extend my thanks to all the support staff, both in the front office and the PT assistants who really made the time there pleasant.

You have a great crew in the physical therapy practice, and it shows. Please accept my sincere gratitude.

Best regards,

Ivonne T

  • Great Experience with Dr. Tontz & Kayleigh, DPT

Good morning Ms. Joan,

My name is Ivonne, and I am a patient of Dr. Tontz & Kayleigh. I see Kayleigh about twice a week now for over a month, and I must truly let you know that Kayleigh has been such an important instrument to my recovery. She's highly perceptive to my needs and very sharp on evaluating my condition. Literally each appointment is usually right on the money in diagnosing my disabilities & related pain due to my back injury.

I have verbalized this to the Doctor, and now find that you to should know this about your very heart warming & excellent caring employee.

I have a great admiration for her care, as well as the team that surrounds me with assistance. I highly brag & would recommend this team, especially Kayleigh, in a heart beat.

Thank you for pulling together such an awesome caring team & my special thanks to Kayleigh!

Have a great day!


E. Trujillo

  • PT for Knee Replacement

I recently had my knee replaced by Dr. Schultz and was referred to California Orthapedic for PT. I had the pleasure of working with Kayleigh Marsolini who really gave me a warm welcome and made me feel I was in the right hands. Her gentle and caring nature made me feel safe and secure. During my entire time working with her I found her to be very professional and knowledgeable on techniques & excersises that Best suited my recovery process. She has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her when I have my left knee replaced in about 6 months.

Sabrina Murray

  • PT Lower Back

I have been attending physical therapy with Kayleigh for a Workmen's Comp. case for lower back. Since day one I felt really comfortable with her. She was very warm welcoming and above all genuine. Believe me I can spot the difference I've worked all of my life in customer service so I have no problem letting someone know if their performance is under par. We found things in common so every visit we talk and laugh as if we were old friends and even though my injury was pretty severe I have seen some improvement. I still have a long road ahead but I feel extremely confident that she will do everything in her ability to provide the best and most efficient care that I need. She is definitely a great asset to your establishment.

Skip P

  • Excellent Physical Therapy at Cal Ortho Following Shoulder Surgery

Ms. McComb,

I have been receiving physical therapy treatments since April of last year until the first week of January of this year. (46 sessions)

I had surgery performed on my right shoulder by Dr. Adsit on last March. The The purpose of this email is to inform you about how elated I am with the treatment sessions I have been receiving, & the professionalism of therapist & staff.

I started with Kristine...tough but very caring about her patients. Next was Shane...very knowledgeable. Gets to know his patients interest & physical needs. A pleasure to work with. Eden (luv her) was such a joy to work with. Very pleasant, professional,and explains everything well.

She takes a personal interest in her patients & holds down interesting conversations (a plus, especially during moments of discomfort).

I would also like to mention the young people: Karen, Justina, & Ritchie. They really enjoy what they do & are always busy. Great personalities with a lot of potential, and professionalism. Francesca..good at all she does as well. I am about 98 percent of pre-op condition now, back at work and doing home therapy. I can't thank everyone ENOUGH for all their help,care, and professionalism .Plus, this facility feels more like family than therapy. I am back at work now with no restrictions. Big thanks as well to the Front Office staff... Patricia, Reyna, & Jennifer. You have a terrific & awesome group of people working under you. Thanks to everyone for all THEIR service!! Sincerely, Skip P.

Michelle santo tomas

  • Torn meniscus

Couldn't have been happier with Dr. trandonsky. Super fast, to the point, great surgeon and always on time. Really helped us understand the process and the front desk was very efficient and the nurses very friendly. Highly recommend

Cheryl DeWitt

  • Spiral Fracture of the humerus in right arm

I broke my arm in September of 2014. I was referred to Dr Adsit. His first course of treatment was a plaster cast. After 10 days when that was not working, Dr Adsit then did surgery and put in a titanium rod. My muscle had gotten between the bones so it was not going to heal. Every step of the way Dr Adsit was very compassionate, caring and encouraging. When the healing went very slow he was always there to help me understand why it was healing so slow. When finally the day came that I was healing and did not have to return to see him I think he was excited as much as I was. I am very thankful that I found Dr Adsit and can not thank him enough for his great care. He also has the most wonderful nurse (Mary).

Fergal O

  • Plantar Fasciitis

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Quinn and his friendly, professional staff of excellence. I've been seeing Dr. Quinn for the past two months and I'm happy to have developed a great rapport with Dr. Quinn, his assistant, JACKIE, and the wonderful, warm staff up front at the front desk. This is not just an "institute." No. This feels like a TEAM of great, caring friends who want me to feel better. And I do! I cannot send a more praiseworthy note to the staff of California Orthopaedic Institute. I am very grateful to Dr. Quinn, Dr. Randy Mohler for my hand surgery (three years ago) and the entire fabulous staff at Cal. Ortho. Institute. I cannot recommend a better care center for the hand, foot, or any other appropriate appendage that needs love and care to heal fully. I recommend this haven of care above all others.

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