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7485 Mission Valley Road, Suite 104A,
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone (619) 291-8930
Fax (619) 291-8491

Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Sharon T

  • Fractured Humerous

Dear Dr. Mohler,

I wanted to take this time and persoanlly "thank you" and your office staff for providing me such wonderful health care thus far. It really means the world to me as I'm not one who fancies going to the docors office for check-ups & colds let alone having to see a surgeon for a broken bone. I have NEVER had one so you can imagine how frightened this ordeal is to me.

Your office staff including your assistant, Cesi Marron has always made me feel welcomed, and provides a level of comfort that can't be found in most medical establishments these days. Whenever I've called in be it for an appt., or a situation that made me panicked, she remained calm and reassured me that everything was going to be alright. You, yourself, have an amazing "bedside manner" as well, and I feel lucky to have you for my orthopaedic surgeon.

That all being said, I look forward to our next appointment on Monday, January 25th at 9:00am in hopes that my broken humerus will have even better aligned itself and I will have developed some callous in that rather large space.

Until then...hoping you, Ceci and your staff are having a fabulous week.

Best regards,

Sharon T


Werner S.

  • Arthritic Knee

I'm a caregiver for my 90 year old mom, so I experience quite a few medical facilities. Bar none, California Orthopaedic Institute is the best run facility in San Diego. The entire staff, from reception to medical treatment is a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Mohler always has the time for questions and answers, and of course he is a great doctor. His assistant Ceci, is spectacular. She always returns phone calls, provides solutions to any questions and finds the right person to solve any problem.

At C.O.I., I always feel I'm in good hands! Thank you everyone.

Bob S.

  • right knee replacement

I had the luck to be assigned to Dr. Randall Mohler for my care. I am a work comp patient, which in some offices can mean you are treated (or so it seems) as a patient of lesser status. This was DEFINITELY not the case with Dr. Mohler or his staff. I was treated very well and had no issues getting convenient appointments. I was also able to choose which hospital was more convenient for my surgery.

Dr. Mohler was very accessible and answered all my "stupid" questions. His assistant, Ceci, was an ANGEL!! She was able to quickly coordinate things with my case manager & adjustor, and repeatedly was able to get much needed, but not always authorized, physical therapy approved. Ceci was also very accessible and very very quick to return my calls.

I LOVE this Doctor, his assistant and staff and would recommend them without hesitation!

Maria M.

  • Carpal Tunnel and Left Hip

In less than two years I had to have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and a left hip replacement. I would like to thank Dr. Mohler for his kindness, caring demeanour, attentiveness and especially for the successful surgeries that have aleviated the pain and discomfort in my hands and arms and that has allowed me once again to be more mobile and walk without the use of a cane or walker. I would highly recommend Dr. Mohler. Thank you!

Jan B

  • Complete knee replacement

My name is Jan B and I want to tell you that I feel as if I hit the jackpot when I found Dr. Tradonsky! He is a superb orthopedic surgeon! In February, I had complete knee replacement surgery and less than 4 months later, I was off to England and, once again, climbing stairs in palaces and castles ---only this time without assistance and almost completely pain free! I love to travel and it was like having my life back. Seriously, often while on the trip, I FORGOT that I had a new knee! Thank you, Dr. Tradonsky, for giving me my life back!!!!!!!!

Barbara B.

  • Hip Fracture & Femur Surgery by Dr. Tradonsky

Dr. Tradonsky is the best! Not only did he perform successful, life-saving surgery on my mother in 2011 after a hip fracture at age 96, he also skillfully repaired her femur after a second fall in 2013 at the age of 98! That second surgery was no easy feat with all the metal rods, plates, and screws requiring a 14 inch incision. Now, at age 100 1/2, she is doing so well. My mother is mobile, healthy, happy and best of all....she has no pain!

Dr. Tradonsky is a miracle worker and my hero! Thanks again Dr. T.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara B.

Kathleen K.

  • Right Total Knee Replacement, Bilateral ACL Reconstruction

Dr. Adsit has been my surgeon for over 10 years, gently guiding me through my knee problems. I could not have been blessed with a better surgeon and team! Dr. Adsit has surgically corrected my knee problems and they are better than ever! He has the touch and the skill to enable a full recovery that has allowed me to participate in activities that I have not been able to do for years.

It takes a "village" and they certainly have that at the Institute. From the Front desk staff, to the medical staff (especially Mary!) and the Physicians, the office runs like clockwork. I never feel like a patient when I am at the office, but rather a valued family member.

Orthopedic problems? This is your one stop cure!

Kayleen Walsh

  • Surgery (Fractured Femur) and Rod Removal

In July 2014 a bike accident resulted in a trip to Scripps Mercy Hospital for emergency surgery. I live in North County San Diego but was injured near Coronado and I am so grateful I ended up in the care of Dr. Steven Tradonsky. I was walking post surgery within 4 weeks, recovered full range of motion very quickly, and my scars were minimal and continue to improve. Dr. Tradonsky is very personable and makes you feel comfortable and confident with every stage of healing. My post surgery appointments were easy and well managed. I chose to have my rod removed (that was supporting my now healed femur) at the Orthopedic Institute and was blown away with the caring staff. The facility is beautiful, very clean, and comfortable. Post rod removal I was walking within 4 days with minimal pain. Dr. Tradonsky also respected my choice to not take pain medications after leaving the hospital and I recovered incredibly well thanks to his remarkable work. I highly recommend Dr. Tradonsky and his team. You will be taken very well care of!

Gretchen C.

  • surgical correction of torn miniscus both knees and regular joint injections

I have been working in the healthcare field for many years, and I honestly believe that Dr. Tradonsky is one of the best knee surgeons in San Diego. Studies show that quick recovery from surgery is directly tied to the length of time it takes to perform the surgical procedure. The nurses and technicians assisting the surgeries I had on both knees testified that Dr. Tradonsky holds the record for completion of successful orthopedic surgical procedures in the shortest time. I must say, I recovered from both my surgeries very easily, and I am no spring chicken. He is also very kind and caring, and consistently provides me with cutting edge treatments necessary to keeping me up and about. If you need knee surgery of any kind, he is your guy!!

Kevin S.

  • Cal Ortho Institute Staff

I just wanted to take the time and thank your staff for not only helping me with what seemed like a minor request to most, but I wanted to comment on their entire demeanor. We all get wrapped up with so much in our daily lives that we tend to take some things for granted. I did not take how well I was treated by your staff for granted. The front desk was always helpful on the phone and in person. Very nice!! And Julia in your records department was absolutely helpful and just as nice to me.

Please take the time and let them know how much I appreciated being treated like a person. It sounds a little strange to say that, but it means a lot to me. Thank you again and I hope all of you have a great day!

Kim C.

  • Orthopaedic care

Dr. Peterson & Staff,

Thank you for taking good care of me! Your office is a class act!



Jeannie S.

  • Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Adsit is truly a favorite doctor of mine. Through his excellent diagnosis & procedures along with a total hip replacement, he got me out of constant severe pain that I had been in for a very long, long time! How great it is to move & walk free of pain now. I love and respect Dr. Adsit and am grateful everyday the HE was my surgeon.

Thanks to all,

Jeannie S.


  • Right knee ACL injury

I came to Dr.Adsit after having a bad surgery some where else. I was in a lot of pain and I had a lurch limp. I was working full time and over time on constant pain and my knee was swollen all the time. I was referred to Dr. Adsit and on my first visit he was very caring in regards to my pain. Dr. Adsit preformed my second surgery which he had to undo what the first doctor did. I have not been able to walk with out a lurch limp in a year in a half.I no longer walk that way. The pain is not like before at all. I can work with out having to sit every 20 minutes. I am still pending another surgery since I have no ACL and I wear a custom brace that he ordered for me but I completely trust him. He addressed all my concerns. He made me feel comfortable and his assistant Mary is amazing. Everyone in this office has always been very nice and flexible. Dr.Adsit gave me walking like a normal person back which I had lost for a year in a half. I wear a brace have some pain but we are not done yet. I know he will get me as close to 100% as he can. He is also very gentle and he listen's which to me is very important. Thank you Dr.Adsit and to all of your staff. God bless you guys.

Steve Renaldi

  • Rotator Cuff Surgery

Dr. Adsit repaired my massive rotator cuff tear. People meet someone like Dr. Adsit a few times in their life. A true professional that is down to earth. I think he is a prodigy.

Heather M

  • My excellent foot care & orthotics from Dr. Quinn

Dear Dr. Quinn,

We just wanted to thank you so much for helping my feet and for the orthotics! I haven't been able to walk & move & be active for years, now I can!! The orthotics have been amazing. Thank you for listening and caring about our needs!

Heather M

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